Insuring Your Future

Insurance Insurance protects us against bad unexpected events. We are buying a promise that if something bad happens, the insurance company will help us put the pieces back together. It’s important to make sure that we buy appropriate insurance before it matters because once we need it, it will be too…

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You have it backwards

Last week I received the following message: I’ve decided on a bit of a different financial strategy. My first priority is paying my housing. After that, I can figure out how much I have left for anything else. What’s your take? Anonymous I think there is a lot to unpack…

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Tech Intro

Subscribe to more articles Preface Okay, so I know, this isn’t really considered finance, is it? Well, maybe not directly, but career development is finance and I think tech is an incredible field. Especially in our community, where life is made a lot easier when only one parent has to…

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FI vs FIRE vs Ramsey

In an attempt to clear about the differences between these three approaches to finance, here is a quick overview that most certainly will not do any of the three branches justice. Known bias: recommends the FI approach. While I have linked many references below, here are some other overviews…

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