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What is Financial Independence (FI)?

We have already visited the comparison between FI and Ramsey, now let’s explore Financial Independence by itself.The Financial Independence (FI) approach to personal finance is characterized by the following key aspects: Intentional Spending: Mindful Budgeting: Intentional spending in the FI philosophy starts with a budget that is consciously aligned with…

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Parshas Shemos 5784

In Parshas Shemos, we delve into the pivotal story of the Yidden’s enslavement in Mitzrayim and the emergence of Moshe as a leader. This narrative offers profound insights that are relevant to our journeys, including the path to financial understanding and stability. The experience of the Yidden in Mitzrayim is…

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Be On The Lookout

Be On The Lookout: Deciphering Deceptive Financial Phrases In the ever-evolving financial landscape, it’s crucial to remain vigilant against misleading and often deceptive financial advice. At Frum Finance, we believe in empowering our community with the knowledge to discern fact from fiction in financial matters. This article aims to highlight…

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How Much Life Insurance – An In-Depth Calculation

Before we jump into how to calculate how much life insurance you or your loved one might need, let’s introduce ourselves to the uninitiated. We are, and we help empower the frum community with financial literacy and tailored guidance to achieve financial stability and independence. If you haven’t already…

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Never Miss An Update Click the button, then click follow in the top right. Follow Get Planning Quick Points💰 Absolutely free: will cover all licensing costs.🔐 Secure & Private: Your peace of mind is our priority.🌟 Feature-Rich Finance Management, a giant leap above🏆 A leading financial planner software…

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Why a Tesla Was My Cheapest Option

Never Miss An Update Click the button, then click follow in the top right. Follow WarningThis is just a case study. We are not telling you to go out and buy a Tesla. The Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest sedan on the market! I didn’t believe it either at…

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Insuring Your Future

Insurance Insurance protects us against bad unexpected events. We are buying a promise that if something bad happens, the insurance company will help us put the pieces back together. It’s important to make sure that we buy appropriate insurance before it matters because once we need it, it will be too…

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