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Empower the frum community with financial literacy and tailored guidance to achieve financial stability and independence.


Families are able to focus on living their best lives without uncertainty of their or their dependents’ financial futures


frum.finance is a community-centric organization committed to elevating financial literacy and fostering financial independence in the frum community. By offering resources, education, and support in key areas such as investing, budgeting, retirement planning, and debt management, frum.finance strengthens the financial acumen of individuals and families. With online resources, personalized guidance, an online community, and a suite of cutting-edge software tools, frum.finance empowers its members to make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term financial success.


  1. The power of financial literacy and education is essential to improving the lives of our community.
  2. We have no affiliations, incentives, kickbacks, or vested interests. Our only source of funding is through donations.
  3. The founder, Baruch Niebloom, is committed to not taking any salary from the mosid.
  4. It’s a family’s duty to factor in future obligations like retirement, chasunos, and tuition when planning their finances today and not knowingly put that burden on their community or children.
  5. We have an obligation to help families financially prepare for a tragedy before it happens, rather than after the fact.
  6. The majority of frum people, given the right guidance and resources, are intelligent and responsible enough to handle their own finances.
  7. A significant amount of people are either (1) best served by a no-AUM-fee community-based approach, (2) not high enough net worth to be able to work with a quality wealth manager, or (3) even if they can afford a wealth manager, would be better off or prefer a simple DIY approach staying in broad-based low-fee index funds.
  8. Simplicity and automation make it easier to stick to the plan.
  9. There are many small and easy steps everyone can take, and the aggregation of those marginal gains will dramatically improve the overall financial situation of individuals and the community.
  10. There’s no ‘too little’ or ‘too young’ when it comes to taking your first steps towards financial responsibility.

Logic Model

What is a “Logic Model”?

Assumptions / Contextual Factors

  • The frum community will continue to face unique financial challenges that require specialized planning.
  • Access to technology and willingness to engage with financial planning tools is growing within the community.
  • Economic conditions and financial markets will remain unpredictable, necessitating ongoing adjustments to financial plans.
  • A lack of Rabbinic support would hinder our ability to be successful (investment risk, long term planning vs emunah).


The frum community faces unique financial challenges, such as planning for large families, variable income streams, and significant lifecycle events, without always having the tools or knowledge to manage them effectively.

Theory of Change

By providing tailored financial planning tools and education, frum.finance empowers community members to make informed decisions, leading to improved financial stability and well-being.


– Expertise in financial planning specific to the frum community’s needs.
– Cutting edge financial planning software and tools, like RightCapital and YNAB.
– Educational content and resources.
– Community engagement: active members both in asking and answering on our online Slack platform.
– Financial coaches for implementing our educational program.
– Advisory counsels, both our Rabbinic Counsel and our Financial Counsel.
– Financial backing.
– Staff-time.

Outputs (Activities)

– Perform one-on-one financial consultations.
– Develop and distribute customized financial planning software.
– Develop and distribute community-tailored content and curricula.
– Run financial planning workshops and seminars.
– Regularly update and adjust financial models for clients.
– Moderate our online collaborative platform.

Outputs (Participants)

– Frum families and individuals who engage with the services.
– Community members attending workshops and seminars.
– Users of the financial planning software.
– Slack users/contributors

Short-Term Outcome

– Increased awareness and knowledge about personal financial management within the community.
– A heightened focus on budgeting.
– Initial financial plans created for individuals and families.

Intermediate-Term Outcome

– Clients make improved financial decisions
– Increased use of financial planning tools and adherence to personalized financial strategies.

Long-Term Outcome

– A community focused on life’s fulfillment instead of financial stress
– Enhanced financial stability and security for frum families.
– A community that is financially educated and empowered, with emergency financial support becoming a rarity.
– A community taking real steps to create multi-generational wealth.

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