Financial Independence (FI) for the frum community

Unlock your financial potential with our 1:1 tailored sessions – completely free. Dive into our vibrant online community, where families unite, share, and thrive together in their financial journey. Let’s rewrite your financial story, together!

Our volunteers have no affiliation, incentives, kickbacks, or vested interests. The only s’char for this mitzvah will be the mitzvah itself.

Already assisting the investment of millions of dollars throughout our community.

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Here is our roadmap. It can be overwhelming at first, but we are here to walk you through it.

Financial freedom

We’ll provide resources to ensure you are putting enough away for chasunos, tuition, and even yourselves. You’ll learn how to determine your FI (Financial Independence) number and see for yourself how soon you will no longer be dependent on anyone else.


Even if you only have $25/month to start investing, we are going to start! We will teach you how to start your very own tax-free and/or taxable investment accounts. Learn the simple path of investing with broad-based index funds. Get set up before we speak for free at M1.


We help you get a budget set up and help you stick to it. Guiding you along the way with our recommended software, YNAB, we help you ensure every dollar has a job working for you.

Online Community

Join our online community and be one of the hundreds of frum Yidden helping each other increase their financial literacy.

Retirement Planning

Learn the difference between an IRA, 401k, 403b, and more. Learn the difference between traditional and Roth-based investing. Determine how much needs to be put away each much to ensure you don’t need to lean on your community or children later in life.

Choson/Kallah Classes

Let’s get set up for success before the wedding. We will build a budget and a plan together, and go over investing basics and our roadmap together. Go into your marriage knowing you are paving the way forward with intentionality.

Credit Report Corrections

We work with you alongside our partners at Credit Report Law Group to help fix any and all mistakes on your credit report at no cost with no hidden fees.

Bar/Bas Mitzvah Class

Do you have a child who just got a large amount of money? Do you want to help them reach financial success by teaching them early? We will give a free session teaching them the basics of long-term investing and what they can do with their new capital. We will dive into custodial brokerage/IRA accounts.

Debt Management

If you are already in a difficult spot with credit card debt, we help you create payoff plans and help stick to a new budget. We also connect you with partner organizations to restructure your credit card debt at low rates.

More Resources

Check out our growing list of resources and recommendations at Recommendations

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Contact us now and re-imagine your family’s potential. Help us make a difference in the financial literacy of the Frum community. We can make this change together!

We will set up our first call of many IY”H and discuss what your financial goals are, what step you are in the roadmap, and what gaps there are in getting you to the next step.


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