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Okay, so I know, this isn’t considered finance, is it? Well, maybe not directly, but career development is finance and I think tech is an incredible field. Especially in our community, where life is made a lot easier when only one parent has to work; also, working remotely means more family time.

For some background, while I am a big finance enthusiast, as evidenced by my work on, my profession is as a Software Engineer. I have now been in the field for 12 years.

First, before I dive into my tech resource recommendations, here are the salaries (live-updated) in big tech to serve as an inspiration! Make sure to scroll down to compare each company and the different job levels’ salaries by clicking the boxes in the chart. The lower you scroll, the more experience the role requires.

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I would start here. Harvard puts their introduction to Computer Science online for FREE! While it isn’t enough to get you a job, it is enough to see if you might be interested in tech as it exposes you to many different areas of focus.

What’s next?

Once you finish that, you’ll hopefully know if you want to be more coding or more people-oriented, more frontend or backend, more websites or databases, more math or more art, etc. With that knowledge, you’ll want to find a mentor. While the resources in the rest of this article are more than enough to land a big tech job, you’ll want to have someone who has been in the field to be there for course corrections if you start going down a rabbit hole. Find someone who has experience both in big tech (MANAMANA) and startups. If you would like to use me as a mentor you can always throw something on my calendar for a phone call.

Here is my list of resources I have collected that you can use to teach yourself tech and far surpass those who go to boot camps or University if you can stay focused and determined. This self-taught path, while it might appear harder, will teach you serious focus and dedication. Even more than that, this path is free! The most important resource in that list if you don’t have the time to look at the whole list is this roadmap.

When you are ready for some practice problems for getting a job in tech, check out LeetCode. If you can solve the easy problems and some of the medium problems you can start applying to top tech roles.

If you are interested in Cyber Security:

My Favorite STEM Books

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