Welcome to frum.finance!

Welcome to Frum.Finance. We look forward to assisting you on your financial journey!

  1. Start by joining our Slack group here. Join over 400 frum families helping one another navigate the world of finance.
  2. While you wait for your invitation, familiarize yourself with our official roadmap. This chart outlines the comprehensive plan we take each family through, covering everything from budgeting and investing to real estate investing. Our first step is to determine your current stage, so we can effectively guide you to the next step in your financial journey.
  3. Now, let’s start exploring the site! Click around and see what might interest you. I would make sure to check out our resource recommendations and read some of our articles.
  4. Not enough for you? Let’s talk about some next steps with more personalized attention. You can message the founder on Slack (@Baruch Niebloom) or email at baruch@frum.finance.
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