Please report rule violations so we can keep this space safe and dialogue healthy

  1. No anonymity: Every member must use their real name that clearly identifies them within our community. This policy is in place to promote transparency, trust, and accountability among members. Especially when it comes to financial advise, we need to ensure accountability. This also serves to help keep members on their best behavior.
  2. No solicitation (in public channels or via DM): Soliciting members for business, donations, or any form of financial gain through public channels or private messages (DMs) is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, requesting investments, promoting paid services, or fundraising for personal causes without explicit approval from the administrators. The intent is to keep the focus of our community on shared interests and discussions, rather than becoming a platform for unsolicited or unwelcome pitches and requests.
  3. No for-profit advertising: : Advertising or promoting for-profit ventures, products, or services in any part of the Slack workspace without prior approval is not allowed. Non-profit, educational, or community service announcements are allows if their are related to our mission.
  4. Derech Eretz
  5. We understand Masnick’s Impossibility Theorem
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