Matanos L’Evyonim Fund

We are thrilled to announce the Annual Matanos L’Evyonim Fund by!

Our commitment to financial stability and literacy in the Frum community is now extending to provide direct support to individuals and families facing financial hardship. 

Donate at the above link or message us if you are someone who needs the funds as a recipient.

 משנה ברורה סימן תרצד סעיף א ס”ק ג: מוטב להרבות במתנות לאביונים מלהרבות בסעודתו ובשלוח מנות לרעיו. 
“It is better to increase the number of gifts that one gives on Purim to the poor rather than to increase the sumptuousness of one’s feast or the food portions that one sends to his friends.” 

We are working closely with Rabonim and will ensure funds are distributed properly on Purim day.

Why use us? 

✅ Direct Impact on the Community: By contributing to the Matanos L’Evyonim Fund, you’re directly supporting clients of our own little community here, ensuring that your generosity has a personal and meaningful impact. 

✅ Financial Responsibility Assurance: Members of are known for their commitment to financial responsibility. By supporting them, you’re aiding individuals who typically manage their finances wisely but are temporarily in need due to unforeseen circumstances. You can rest assured that all recipients of funds have a well designed financial plan that will repair their financial situation for the long term. 

✅ Prioritization Based on Detailed Financial Insights: Since we have built detailed financial plans and have access to the financial data for each client, we can prioritize aid based on relative need, ensuring that those in the most critical situations receive support first. 

✅ Sustainable Support Model: The fund is designed to provide temporary support, helping recipients get back on their feet. Our goal is for each beneficiary to regain financial stability so they will not need to rely on the fund in the future, IY”H. 

✅ Accountability and Transparency: Contributions go directly towards assisting individuals in overcoming their financial hurdles. This model ensures that every dollar donated is used effectively to help recipients out of their current situation. 

✅ Community and Relationship Building: By focusing on aiding those within our Slack group and broader community, donors have the opportunity to support individuals they may already know and interact with, fostering a stronger sense of community and mutual support. Donors and recipients will of course remain anonymous. 

✅ Local Prioritization: Funds will be prioritized when possible to go to recipients in the city of the donor, reinforcing community bonds and allowing for local impact, where you can see the difference in your own community.

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