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Short-Term Financial Planning with YNAB (You Need A Budget)

We have 5 coaches so far but need more. More info about this program can be found here.

Program Description: The YNAB Planning Program is designed to empower individuals and families within the frum community to manage their finances more effectively on a daily and monthly basis. YNAB’s unique budgeting methodology encourages every dollar to have a purpose, aligning spending with values and financial goals. This program will offer workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and community support groups to teach participants how to use the YNAB software to track spending, save for upcoming expenses, and reduce financial stress. Special attention will be given to managing the costs of living a frum lifestyle, including kosher food, chinuch, and yom tov expenses.

Call for Volunteer Coaches: We are seeking a motivated individual with experience using YNAB for personal budgeting and a passion for financial education. The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills and the ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible way. Responsibilities include one or more of the following: organizing and leading workshops, providing one-on-one budget coaching, and helping create a supportive Slack community for ongoing financial discussions. Familiarity with the financial challenges specific to the frum community is essential.

Long-Term Financial Planning with RightCapital

We have 1 coach so far but need more. More info about this program can be found here.

Program Description: The RightCapital Financial Planning Program is aimed at offering frum individuals and families comprehensive tools and strategies for long-term financial health. RightCapital software provides advanced capabilities for retirement planning, investment analysis, and estate planning, among other features. This program will include personalized financial planning sessions and resources for understanding halachic considerations in financial decisions. It will address key long-term financial goals such as saving for retirement, planning for chinuch, and charitable giving, with a focus on aligning these efforts with our values and lifestyle requirements.

Call for Volunteer Coaches: Looking for a leader with a strong background in financial planning, preferably with experience using RightCapital software. The successful candidate will demonstrate a deep understanding of long-term financial strategies and a commitment to the frum community’s unique financial planning needs. Responsibilities will include leading client sessions and providing personalized financial planning advice.

Frum Finance Low-Cost Cookbook Blog

Program Description: The Frum Finance Low-Cost Cookbook Blog is a unique initiative designed to merge the love of cooking with the necessity of budgeting within the Frum community. This program aims to create a comprehensive online repository of affordable, nutritious, and kosher recipes that cater to the tastes and dietary laws observed by frum families. By encouraging community members to share their best budget-friendly meals, tips on frugal shopping for kosher ingredients, and strategies for meal planning and prep, this blog seeks to become a go-to resource for families looking to stretch their food budget without compromising on quality or kashrut. The program will also explore the feasibility of compiling the recipes into a published cookbook, providing a tangible resource for the community and potentially raising funds for charity or community projects.

Call for Leadership or Contributor: Seeking a culinary enthusiast with a flair for writing and a passion for community service to lead the Frum Finance Low-Cost Cookbook Blog. The ideal candidate should have experience with kosher cooking on a budget, strong organizational skills, and the ability to engage a community of contributors. Responsibilities include soliciting and editing recipe submissions, writing blog posts (other staff will manage the website itself for you), and potentially overseeing the publication of a cookbook should that appear beneficial. Knowledge of nutritional guidelines and the ability to present recipes that are both health-conscious and economical is highly desired.

Halachic Estate Planning and Wills

Program Description: A program offering guidance on estate planning following halachic principles. This essential initiative will help community members understand how to legally prepare wills and estate plans that honor both civil and Jewish law, ensuring a seamless and respectful transition of assets to the next generation.

Call for Leadership: Looking for a professional with expertise in estate planning and a strong understanding of halacha as it pertains to inheritance. Responsibilities include organizing informative sessions with legal and rabbinical experts, creating resource materials, and offering consultations.

Call for Lawyers: Looking for a professional willing to give us a flat price for a prior agreed-upon definition of a simple estate plan that we can refer our clients to.

Kosher Travel on a Budget Program

Program Description: This initiative aims to assist the frum community in exploring travel opportunities while keeping in mind Kashrus and Shabbos observance, without breaking the bank. The program will offer guides on budget-friendly kosher travel, including accommodations, dining, and activities around the world, along with tips for maximizing travel rewards and discounts.

Call for Leadership or Contributors: Seeking a travel enthusiast with experience in planning and executing kosher trips on a budget. The ideal leader will compile travel guides, negotiate with service providers for discounts or group rates (time permitting), and organize informational workshops.

Loan Gemach

We are interviewing an interested volunteer candidate to lead this initiative.

Program Description: A community-based initiative to provide interest-free microloans to individuals and small businesses within the frum community, supporting entrepreneurship, emergency needs, and personal financial goals. This program will rely on community contributions and repayments to fund ongoing loans. The flexibility in loan purpose, combined with a clear financial repayment plan, aims to address immediate financial needs while ensuring sustainability and responsibility. A significant advantage of a loan gemach is its accessibility to members of the frum community, regardless of their geographical location. Unlike local gemachs, which might not be available in every area,’s initiative can reach a broader audience, providing vital support to those in underserved regions. Furthermore, being part of a community known for its responsible financial planning and mutual support can make the process of obtaining a loan less daunting, fostering a sense of trust and security.

Call for Leadership: Looking for a leader with experience in finance and a passion for community development. The role involves setting up the microloan fund structure, vetting loan applicants, and managing repayments and fund sustainability.

Government Benefits Navigation Assistance

Program Description: The Government Benefits Navigation Program aims to assist members of the frum community in understanding and accessing government assistance programs for which they may be eligible. This initiative recognizes the complexity and often the stigma associated with navigating government benefits, including health insurance, food assistance, housing aid, and child care subsidies. The program seeks to provide confidential, respectful, and halachically sensitive guidance to individuals and families in need, helping them to secure the support they require without compromising their values or dignity. Services can include educational workshops, one-on-one consultations, assistance with application processes, and advocacy for those facing barriers to access.

Call for Leadership: Seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable individual with experience in social services, law, or related fields, and familiarity with the range of government benefits available. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills, sensitivity to the cultural and religious needs of the frum community, and a commitment to confidentiality and respect for all clients. Responsibilities can include contributing in any of the following ways: coordinating educational programs, managing a team of volunteers or staff, liaising with government agencies, and providing direct assistance to community members navigating the benefits system.

Financial Aid Application Assistance Program

Program Description: A service offering assistance with the preparation and submission of applications for financial aid, scholarships, and grants available to students and families within the frum community. This program aims to make educational opportunities more accessible by helping community members navigate the often complex application processes.

Call for Leadership or Contributors: Looking for volunteers with experience in financial aid advising or a background in education who can guide applicants through the process. Ideal candidates should be detail-oriented, possess strong writing and communication skills, and have a thorough understanding of the financial aid landscape. Responsibilities include conducting workshops, providing one-on-one application assistance, and developing resources to simplify the application process.

Frum Community Legal Aid Service

Program Description:
A service providing free or low-cost legal assistance to members of the frum community facing civil legal issues, such as housing, employment, family law, and immigration. The initiative aims to ensure that community members have access to justice and legal support, regardless of their financial situation.

Call for Leadership or Contributors:
Seeking lawyers, paralegals, and law students willing to donate their time and expertise. Ideal candidates will have a strong commitment to community service and the ability to handle sensitive and confidential matters. Responsibilities include providing legal consultations, representing clients in negotiations and court proceedings, and developing legal resources and workshops for the community.

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