Overview of Coaching at frum.finance

At frum.finance, we offer four distinct types of financial coaching, each under the supervision of our advisory councils. Our coaches are integral to our mission, providing guidance tailored to the unique financial needs of the Orthodox Jewish community. To maintain the highest standards and align with our organizational values, all coaches are expected to:

  1. Understand and Embrace the frum.finance Mission:
    • Deeply understand and embody our mission, vision, and tenets.
    • Engage with, and contribute if possible, to the evolution of our Roadmap, ensuring alignment with our organizational goals and personal understanding.
  2. Prerequisite Learning Content:
  3. Post-joining Learning Resources – At your own pace, but required
    • Actively read (and contribute if you can) our articles, sharing insights and experiences on various financial topics.
    • Explore and reflect on concepts from “Die With Zero
    • Regularly review and stay updated with our recommended content, including books, podcasts, and articles.
    • Listen to new episodes of the ChooseFi podcast to understand our financial hashkafa
  4. Additional Guidelines:
    • The privacy of our clients’ personal and financial information is paramount, necessitating that it be safeguarded with the utmost confidentiality. Accordingly, communication, data storage, and transfer should exclusively employ our encrypted tools, ensuring that these sensitive details remain secure at all times.
    • Coaches are to maintain a learning mindset, staying abreast of new developments in financial literacy and personal finance management.
    • Regular feedback sessions will be held to discuss progress, challenges, and opportunities for improvement in coaching methods and client interactions.
    • Coaches should foster an environment of trust and respect, ensuring that all advice and guidance are ethically sound and culturally sensitive.

Specific Coaching Roles and Responsibilities:

YNAB Coach

  • Be familiar and comfortable with YNAB.com
  • Optionally consider obtaining YNAB Certification, with costs covered by frum.finance.
  • Focus on guiding clients in budgeting without suggesting specific expense allocations.

Budgeting Coach

  • You should have experience managing either your own family’s budget or helping friends
  • Undergo a period of shadowing to ensure readiness and alignment with our coaching standards.
  • Assist clients in budgeting without prescribing investment amounts or specific retirement accounts (e.g., Roth vs. traditional IRA).
  • You should not provide advise on investing, insurance, or other sensitive financial products.

RightCapital Coach

Financial Planning Coach

  • Hold professional qualifications in financial planning.
  • Provide holistic financial advice while respecting the unique perspectives and goals of each client.
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