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Our mission

Empowering the frum community with financial literacy and tailored guidance to achieve financial stability and independence.


frum.finance is a community-centric organization committed to elevating financial literacy and fostering financial independence in the frum community. By offering resources, education, and support in key areas such as investing, budgeting, retirement planning, and debt management, frum.finance strengthens the financial acumen of individuals and families. With online resources, personalized guidance, an online community, and a suite of cutting-edge software tools, frum.finance empowers its members to make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term financial success.

We are committed to the following tenets:

  1. The power of financial literacy and education is essential to improving the lives of our community.
  2. We have no affiliations, incentives, kickbacks, or vested interests.
  3. We have an obligation to help families financially prepare for a tragedy before it happens, rather than after the fact.
  4. The majority of frum people are intelligent and responsible enough to handle their own finances, given the right education and resources.
  5. Simplicity and automation make it easier to stick to the plan.
  6. There are many small and easy steps everyone can take, and the aggregation of those marginal gains will dramatically improve the overall financial situation of individuals and the community.
  7. The majority of people either (1) are best served by a no-AUM-fee community-based approach, (2) could not afford a wealth manager, or (3) even if they could afford a wealth manager, would statistically outperform them by staying in broad-based low/no-fee index funds.
  8. No amount of money is too little and no age is too young to start along the path of fiscal responsibility.
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